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About Sunshine Is Happiness

A beautiful sunny day makes for a heart full of happiness!

So why not let that sunshine inside?  Each of my hand painted magnets are created to bring warmth and joy to your home or office.  There is something magical that happens when we are surrounded by color and I hope to share that feeling with you.

More About Sunshine Is Happiness

Susan Lechner has loved creating art her whole life, but never imagined it turning into anything more than just a hobby she was passionate about.  Once she discovered oil painting while attending Eastern Illinois University, she was able to focus on one particular art medium and it helped shaped the kind of artist she always wanted to become.  While she started out doing regular sized paintings, it wasn't until experimenting with painting magnets that her business idea began to form.  With her love of nature, positivity and bright beautiful colors, she instinctively named it SunshineIsHappiness.  She still enjoys working with large canvases, but the majority of her work is painting business card sized magnets.  The best thing about it is that she can incorporate all sorts of themes and have hundreds of original pieces of art for someone to choose from.  Some are sweet, some are whimsical, some are sassy, but all are created with the intention of spreading warmth and happiness.  It was not until leaving her full time job in 2011 that she really took to getting her work out to the public on a larger scale.  She had participated in small craft shows for a few years at that point, but this was her chance to shape and grow her brand.  You can now find her participating in street festivals such as What’s Blooming in Oak Park, Logan Square Arts Festival and The Handmade Market in Chicago.  For her work and information on upcoming shows, please check out her social media sites:  and Susan resides in Lombard, IL with her husband, dog Rodger and tortoise Lance. 

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